Interested in our Sci-Comm (scientific communication) that isn’t an ultra-technical peer-reviewed article? Check out these stories:

Behrenfeld, M. J. The Greatest Animal Migration on Earth. Behind the Paper – Nature Communications. November, 2019.

            -This article gives a nice light summary of Behrenfelds’ paper published in Nature (co-authored by W.J. Burt, see publications below). Specifically, the article describes the interaction between Behrenfeld (a global leader in this field) and Burt (at the time, postdoc new to the field) in front of Burt’s poster at an international conference (Ocean Optics 2016). This interaction played a major role in sparking the research of this Nature paper, while also initiating the analysis that led to our publication (Burt and Tortell, 2018, see below) that provided proof-of-concept for the Nature paper. This is not only a very cool scientific story, but a story of how one simple interaction at a poster session can lead to significant scientific discovery and propel the career of a young (and at the time, very intimidated) scientist.

Bailey, A. UAF researcher discovers method for detecting tiny ocean organisms. UAF News. February, 2020.

            -fun UAF news story highlighting our Ocean Optics program.

Burt, W. The Radium Stopwatch: Using decaying isotopes to understand marine inputs of a key greenhouse gas. Current Tides: Dalhousie Oceanography Research Magazine, Vol. 1, Editor: Franziska Broell. Dalhousie Oceanography, pp. 32-35, 2013.

-As a graduate student, Will Burt volunteered to write an article outlining his PhD research for publication in a science magazine written and published entirely by graduate students in the Dalhousie Oceanography department. This was a great (albeit difficult) exercise in scientific writing for a public audience.