Spring 2021 NGA-LTER

The Burt lab sent one member (Ben Lowin) on the spring Northern Gulf of Alaska (NGA) Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) cruise. The Chief Scientist for this cruise was Russell Hopcroft (zooplankton), who was joined by Suzanne Strom (phytoplankton) and Ana Aguilar-Islas (trace metals) as the leaders of the cruise. The cruise started on April 20thContinue reading “Spring 2021 NGA-LTER”

Three Minute Thesis Results

Just about a week ago both Josie and Ben were in the finals for the UAF 3 minute thesis comptiotion. Althoguh neither of them won, it was a strong showing from the Burt Lab having two competitors make it to the finals. Will did a fantastic job both organising and running the comptition. You canContinue reading “Three Minute Thesis Results”

Our First Time at AMSS!

In under 24 hours, the Burt Lab will be presenting for the first time at AMSS, the Alaska Marine Science Symposium. This year’s marine research conference is being held virtually, so you can join in from anywhere in the world. Just click here to access the presentations running from January 26th to 28th. Everyone inContinue reading “Our First Time at AMSS!”