Three Minute Thesis Results

Just about a week ago both Josie and Ben were in the finals for the UAF 3 minute thesis comptiotion. Althoguh neither of them won, it was a strong showing from the Burt Lab having two competitors make it to the finals. Will did a fantastic job both organising and running the comptition.

You can watch the whole finals bellow. Passcode: .xvQ#9Wh

I highly recomend that you watch the intro, as it explains the pourpose of the compition very well.

The time stamps are:
Intro ——————- 07:35
Ben Lowin ————- 17:08
Josianne Haag ——– 31:06

UAF CFOS on Twitter: "Please join us for MS Oceanography Candidate Anais  Gentilhomme's Thesis Defense on Friday, October 16, at 1:00 pm AK. Genome  Signatures of Optimal Growth Temperature in the Family

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