Meet the Burt Lab grad students

UPDATE: It is not too late to check out these cool events. There are links attached where you can rewatch both events.

Next week, there will be an opportunity for you to listen to the Burt Lab grad students live! Keep reading to find out where you can listen to us talk about our research and the awesome state-of-the-art equipment we use in the field.

Option 1: 3 Minute Thesis Competition ( Passcode: .xvQ#9Wh )

Organized by our very own Dr. William Burt, there is a 3-minute thesis competition for the University of Alaska graduate students open for the public to watch! This competition, starting at noon on February 16th will involve three 1 hour heats. The top two presenters from each heat will go on to the finals on February 23rd at 5pm.

Both Ben and Josie will be pitted against their colleagues in this heated and high stakes competition. This zoom event is bound to be a blast to participate in, as well as watch. Check out this link for information on how to attend.

Option 2: Science for Alaska Lecture Series (

The Geophysical Institute at UAF is hosting a Science for Alaska Lecture series this spring and 7pm on February 16th a group of graduate students at UAF will be presenting their research. Josie will be presenting an 8-minute talk about the importance of groundwater. Other talks will focus on volcanoes, wildfire regimes and Venus! It should be a great time, so check out their website to RSVP.

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