Our First Time at AMSS!

In under 24 hours, the Burt Lab will be presenting for the first time at AMSS, the Alaska Marine Science Symposium. This year’s marine research conference is being held virtually, so you can join in from anywhere in the world. Just click here to access the presentations running from January 26th to 28th.

Everyone in the lab is taking part this year. Both graduate students, Ben and Josie, have posters showing the start of their research.

Ben is showing the preliminary finding from the novel bio-optical system used in the Northern Gulf of Alaska(NGA) Long term Ecological Research curies on the R/V Sikuliaq. The data comes from the July 2020 Cruise, where the system was installed and ran for an operational time of three weeks. The system has now been deployed in a range of waters in the NGA, including Prince William Sound, the Copper River plume, and the high nutrients low chlorophyll waters off the shelf.

Josie will be sharing the preliminary results from her fieldwork from September. A prolific trip has given her a lot of data to mull over and a story is starting to emerge that will help her narrow down her vision for 2021’s summer fieldwork. You’ll have to read her poster to find out more!

The lab is excited to take part in its first conference, and we look forward to taking part in person next year when we’ll be able to present more conclusive data. The fall of 2020 was a strong start to a lot of the lab’s work, but there is still a lot more to be done!

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